What is my purpose?

The answer is simple…. it, my projects, takes my mind out of my body and allows me to fully relax.  My husband and I decided to free fall this year, by buying an RV and try something new!  We love it!  If you would know us, you would not picture us camping or getting our hands too dirty, but we have found something that we love.  Our trips take us out of our comfort zone and onto lakes, rivers, oceans, hiking trails and memorable times.  We have met new friends on our journey and are planning on continuing our ambitious road life all of the way into retirement.  Many of my photos come from these trips and special times in my life.

Life is stressful and I have found a way to cut stress by focusing on art, life, photography and my family.  I have decided to share my love for all of my new ambitions with you.  Please feel free to peruse my site, comment and like my stuff.

May every day be filled with love, giving, wellness and peace.



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